It's May...I've Made It, for Now

-  2018 | Mundane Adventure Photography

- 2018 | Mundane Adventure Photography

Spring is finally in full swing in Kansas City. I don’t know if I’ve ever appreciated the onset of a season more than I have this one. Winter sucked. It was unusually harsh in KC. It always gets decently cold here, but more actual snowfall and ice caused numerous events to be cancelled, including performing opportunities for me. I certainly could have prepared better, but the destructive force of this winter on my finances was...well...catastrophic. 

My goal at the beginning of January was to make it May. I’m here; I crawled here, clawing the dirt as I drug my full bodyweight on the strength of my elbows. I was lying still, almost lifeless, until Sofar Sounds rescued me at the end of March. A few cool opportunities gave me life in April. 

Then I hit the ground running in May with a pretty riveting Fresh2Def show, here in KC, followed by an NPR (KCUR) sponsored show that was filled to capacity by people who were there for the music. It was absolutely beautiful. I split the show with the amazing Kat King, who is an incredibly well kept secret out in these parts. I suspect she won’t be for very long. 

What certainly is no longer a secret is the fact that my NPC (Nerdy People of Color) family and I are sharing a bill at Momocon — arguably the largest and fastest growing anime convention in the Southeast —- with multiple artists who worked with Japanese producer legend Nujabes. These include Shing02, of Samurai Champloo fame, and the group Edo Bushido. We’re main eventing the con. I still am in shock that it’s actually happening, and it’s just the beginning of what’s to come for the summer. EyeQ, Ohm-I and I are touring up the east coast immediately after for a short run. We’ve got stops at NY Pizza in Greensboro, NC (5/28) Velvet Lounge in DC (5/29) and the Philadelphia Museum it Contemporary Art in Philly (5/30). Stay tuned. 

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